Future Falcons Team White loses the match against Villarreal 3-2

Villarreal team won an important friendly match against Future Falcons Team White 3-2 in the third group of Al Abtal.

Future Falcons Team White tried to press hard from the beginning of the match, but Villarreal managed easily. As the minutes went by, they got more possession of the ball and had chances until the scored the first goal. It was in the 32nd minute when Linares scored, but this upper hand did not last long and in the 37th minute Majid Khalifh drew with a beautiful header. Three minutes later, he scored the second goal, after catching a wonderful cross from the left sideline. The last exciting minutes of the first half ended with Villarreal equalising the match thanks to Miguel’s goal.

The second half started strongly for both teams and in the 73rd minute Villarreal got the upper hand one more time when Linares scored from the penalty spot. Future Falcons Team White did not reach the goal again despite their tireless attempts and the friendly match ended 3-2.