Future Falcons Team Green loses against Dinamo Zagreb 3-2

Future Falcons Team Green lost the friendly match against Dinamo Zagreb, Croatia, 3-2in Group D of Al Abtal. The Croatian striker Zlatan Koch scored a hat trick, while Rakan Alkabi scored for the Saudi team from the penalty spot and Hassan Bokhari scored in the last few minutes of the match.

The friendly match started with the green team tried to press Dynamo Zagreb and they could deal with the pressure and succeed. In the 14th minute, Zlatan Kush managed to open the scoring for the Croatian side with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area. Moreover, the same player scored a second goal just three minutes later, after taking advantage of a beautiful cross from left-back Ivan Svit. In the 45th minute, Zlatan Kush scored the third goal, ending the first half with three goals.

The second half started with some attempts from the green team to reduce the scoreboard. Alkabi did it with a penalty shoot in the 65th minute. Future Falcons Team Green continued trying to score the second goal, which finally came at the end of the second half. It was in the 93rd minute thanks to Hassan Bokhari, who deftly took the ball inside the penalty area and hit a powerful shot that beat Bernard, the goalkeeper. The last few minutes were not enough to end in a tie, so the match ended with Dynamo Zagreb winning 3-2.