Villarreal wins against Future Falcons team green

Villarreal team achieved a challenging victory against Future Falcons Team Green by 1-0 in the Group C of Al Abtal.

The match started evenly on both teams with more ball possession for the “yellow submarines” and a tight defensive organisation of the “green team”. Abdul Malik Jaber scored the first goal of the Future Falcons Team Green, but the referee disallowed it for offside in the 37th minute. Villarreal hit back with a penetration down the left flank by Christian, who shot from the back of the box, which was blocked by the goalkeeper Ahmed Al-Rashidi, to end the first half in a goalless draw.

The second half also started evenly, with attacks from both teams. It was not until the 87th minute that Villarreal broke the draw with a header from the forward Marcos, to end the match with one goal. Thus, the Yellow Submarine team kicked off Al Abtal with an important victory in the third group.