PAOK Thessaloniki wins against Future Falcons Team White 2-1

The Greek team, PAOK Thessaloniki, wan the friendly match against Future Falcons Team White, after coming back to win 2-1 in the third group. Rafi Motmi scored for the Future Falcons White Team, while Fillon and Imbarachim scored for PAOK Thessaloniki.

The Greek team started the game strongly in an attempt to open the scoring early, but the defence of Future Falcons Team White prevented them from doing so. As the minutes went by, the tension increased in midfield, and the game became more equal. In the 43rd minute, Rafi Motmi entered the penalty area on the left side, evaded the defence and slammed the ball into the Greek’s goal with his right foot, meaning that the first half ended with 1-0 to Future Falcons Team White.

In the second half, PAOK Thessaloniki equalised with a header from Vilon in the 52nd minute. In the 82nd minute, PAOK Thessaloniki scored a second goal with a powerful header from Imparashim to end the friendly match 2-1.