AEK Athens turn the tables on Future Falcons Team White and wins 2-1

The Greek team, AEK Athens, won against Future Falcons Team White 2-1 in the second group of Al Abtal.

It was an even match until the 12th minute when Future Falcons Team White opened the scoreboard thanks to Saleh Alsahhari, who committed a foul on goalkeeper and put the ball into the net. AEK Athens tried to even the score in the following minutes by pressuring the SSDFT Team White, but they were attacking as well. In the end, they could not change the scoreboard in the first half, so it finished 0-1 with Future Falcons Team White leading the match.

AEK Athens continued to press in the second half to tie, until they got it in the 68th minute. Valkanis, a substitute, took advantage of a ball that was in the penalty area after a corner and scored. Finally, in the 90th minute, AEK Athens added a second goal thanks to Dimitriadis, who shot the ball powerfully from the penalty area to the net making the game 2-1.