Abdulhakeem Altuwaijri has transferred to the Bosnian club ZeljezniCar as the head coach of the first team.

The national coach Abdulhakeem Altuwaijri signed a contract with Zeljeznicar by the Future Falcons program, which is affiliated with the Saudi Arabian Football Federation.

This step is part of the program’s goals to develop national coaches and administrators, opening doors for them to work in Europe, as well as training and developing young players for national teams.

This experience marks Abdulhakeem Altuwaijri’s first as a head coach for a first-team in Europe. Altuwaijri began his journey in Europe with the Saudi Future Falcons program as an assistant coach, later becoming the coach for the green team. He then moved to Slavia Prague as an assistant coach for the reserve team and eventually became an assistant coach for the first team. 

His journey led him to the Bosnian club as the head coach for the first team this season, reflecting the capabilities of the national coach, who is making steady and confident strides in Europe.
Zeljeznicar is considered one of the major clubs in Bosnia, having won the league title 8 times, the Bosnian Cup 6 times, and the Bosnian Super Cup 3 times. They also reached the semi-finals of the European Cup once in the 1984/1985 season. While they currently hold a mid-level position in the Bosnian league, their ambition remains European participation, possibly reaching the first round of the UEFA Champions League under the leadership of the national coach Abdulhakeem Altuwaijri if they win the league title