Future Falcons program signs agreement with jUVENTUS football Club

The management of the Future Falcons Program is pleased to announce the signing of a significant agreement with Juventus Football Club, representing a pivotal step towards the continual development of the program’s plavers. This partnership will open doors to various opportunities for players, including participation in tournaments, matches, and intensive training sessions. It also enables them to benefit from the developmental programs provided by Juventus.

Under the terms of this agreement, players associated with the Future Falcons Program will have the prospect of joining the Juventus Football Club team through performance trials, potentially leading to official signings. The collaboration will encompass immersion programs for the coaching and administrative staff, along with robust support for technical and medical services, and access to Juventus facilities.

Additionally, the agreement will facilitate the presence of several scouts and coaches from Juventus at the Future Falcons Program’s matches and training sessions, contributing to the holistic development of the players.

The signing ceremony for this significant partnership was attended by Ghassan Felemban, General Director of the Future Falcons Program, and Maurizio Scanavino, CEO of Juventus Football Club.

The Future Falcons Program management is dedicated to providing the essential resources and creating an environment conducive to ensuring the program’s success. This includes daily training and continuous education in various fields to nurture the best football technical staff.

Mr. Felemban expressed his gratitude to Juventus Football Club for their collaboration and emphasized its positive impact on the development of talents, highlighting the program’s ongoing commitment to technical excellence and self-improvement, following the methodology of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation. He concluded by stating that the program’s management is actively seeking further partnerships and collaborations to guarantee continued success and excellence.