SSDFT Team Green defeats Liverpool 2-0 in a convincing performance

SSDFT secured an important victory over Liverpool in the Western European group.

The match started off evenly with the Saudis slightly in control. At the 22nd minute, Omar Al Ruwaithi took off from the left side of the field, dribbled, and then shot with his right foot, but the ball went over the crossbar. This was followed by several minutes of back-and-forth action, with some good chances on both sides. At the 42nd minute, Team Green broke the deadlock when Abdullah Mahbub, left alone against the keeper, scored with a cold-blooded finish.

Right at the start of the second half, the Saudi team managed to take the ball away from Liverpool’s defenders, Al Ruwaithi gave a great pass to Almuayyad Mane, who scored at the 54th minute, making it 2-0. During the following minutes, Liverpool tried to change the course of the game and get the equalizer, but the Green Team’s defense repelled every attack. The locals replied to the English squad’s push with some of their own attacks to try to get the third goal, without success.