Real Madrid wins against Future Falcons Team White 4-1

Future Falcons Team White could not get a rewarding result against Real Madrid as the scoreboard showed 4-1 at the end of the match in the second group of Al Abtal. It is worth noting, however, that they managed quite well in the second half.
The match started with high pressure from the Spanish side, and they scored a goal in the 13th minute thanks to Enrique, with a powerful shot inside the penalty area. Future Falcons Team White reacted quickly, and Abdulrahman Albishi shot a penalty, but goalkeeper Montero was able to block his shot. In the 26th minute, Iker took advantage of a cross from the right flank, and Baba scored the second goal for Real Madrid with a beautiful header into Faris Aljohani goal. In the 35th minute, Baba added the third goal with a powerful header again, after an intelligent cross from Essie, the left-back.
As the second half got underway, Mohammed Alhysainah shot the second penalty for Future Falcons Team White, but goalkeeper Montero saved it one more time, but he turned it into a corner. From the corner, Future Falcons Team White finally got their first goal after a wonderful header by Ammar Albasha in the 53rd minute. Two minutes later, Real Madrid scored another wonderful goal thanks to Juan, who put in a brilliant left-footed ball from the outside of the penalty area, and it hit the Saudi goal. In the end, Future Falcons Team White could not reduce the difference despite their tireless attempts at the end of the second half, so the match ended 4-1.