Future Falcons Team White loses against Slavia Praha 2-0

Future Falcons Team White could not achieve a second consecutive victory, after losing the friendly match against Slavia Praha, Czech Republic, 2-0 in Group D of Al Abtal. The goal scorers of the match were Petak and Picolon.

In the first half, there were several attacks between the two teams, with Hassan Faqihi’s 27th-minute free-kick saved by goalkeeper Thomas. In the 33rd minute, Petak had a chance to score for the Czech team after making the most of an ingenious cross from the left side.

Future Falcons Team White went into the second half trying to equalise, but Slavia Prague’s defences were on their toes against their opponents’ attacks. They almost doubled the lead in counter-attacks, but thankfully, goalkeeper Ammar Aldurihim was quick-witted. Despite the referee adding nine minutes, Future Falcons Team White could not reduce the gap, and Slavia Prague scored a second goal in the 99th minute after Picolon calmly kicked the ball into the net. The friendly match finished 2-0 for the Czech team.