Future Falcons Program Signs Cooperation Agreement with FK ZeljezniCar Sarajevo in Bosnia

The management of the Future Falcons Program has signed an agreement with FK Željezničar Sarajevo in Bosnia. The signing ceremony was attended by the program’s General Director, Ghassan Felemban, and the president of FK Željezničar, Yusuf Tanović.

The agreement includes opportunities for players from the Future Falcons Program to join trial sessions with FK Željezničar. It also involves collaboration between the coaching staff, employees, and administrators of both teams. The agreement aims to provide strong support for technical and medical services, in addition to the possibility for players to compete on the fields and facilities of FK Željezničar.

The agreement will allow scouts and coaches from FK Željezničar to participate in Al Abtal Cup, a tournament in which the Bosnian club competes. FK Željezničar recently appointed national coach Abdulhakeem Al Tuwaijri to oversee the training of the first team in November. The team also includes a former Future Falcons player, Abdulmalik Al Jaber.

Ghassan Felemban, the General Director of the Future Falcons Program, praised the support the program receives from the Saudi Arabian Football Federation and the continuous oversight from the federation’s president, Yasser Al Misehal. This support has provided the program with opportunities to achieve various goals aligned with the vision and mission of the federation.

Felemban added that the agreement with FK Željezničar is significant, given the club’s status as one of the major clubs in Bosnia. The club has won the league title eight times, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Cup six times, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Supercup three times. They also reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup once in the 1984/1985 season. This collaboration will positively impact the Future Falcons Program players, offering them opportunities to participate in training sessions and matches between the teams, as well as facilitating the development of coaches and administrators, enhancing their knowledge and skills.